Sunshine on my pillow makes me happy

I am loving the weather in Santiago right now. It’s sunny but not too hot. I am a sun-child, 100%. I couldn’t imagine ever living in a place like London or Seattle where it rains all the time. I hate rain, always. I also detest gray dreary days. Partly cloudy is okay.

Santiaguinos like the rain. Rain means cleaner air the next day and pretty snowy mountains. Yes, these things are true and nice, but the grayness of it all just gets me really down. If there are 6 million Santiaguinos loving the rain, I figure that it’s okay that one little gringa ex-pat hates it.

So that’s why I’m really happy that summer is coming and that it never rains during the summer. Yes, it gets unbearably hot, but at least the sun comes out every day. I never forget sunscreen, though. The rays are really strong down here near the hole in the ozone layer!


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