I have a confession to make…

So I’ve been a bad blogger recently, because I’ve been busy. But also, there’s something else.

…I’ve started to watch Lost.

When Lost first came out in 2004, I refused to watch it. You see, J.J. Abrams created another show before lost, called Alias, and that was my FAVORITE SHOW EVER. And then, when Lost came out, Alias went down the drain. In fact, they canceled it in the middle of the last season. So I was a little bitter about Lost and refused to watch it. Plus, since I hadn’t watched it from the beginning, I knew nothing. I remember watching an episode once and being so confused as to why they were showing scenes in the “real world” when they were supposedly stranded on a tropical island.

So anyway, since the second season of True Blood recently ended, I needed a new show to watch. Most people recommended either Heroes or Lost, and I decided on Lost.

And now I can’t stop. Since about two weeks ago I’ve finished the entire first season and I’m on the second episode of the second season. It’s so good. Or rather, it leaves you with so much suspense that you can’t wait until the next episode. I’m glad I’m watching it online, because waiting a week between episodes would be torture. I’m really bad at delayed gratification.

So anyway, forgive me blogging world. I will try to control my obsession and get a few good posts out this week. Although Jack and Kate and Locke are inside the hatch so you may have to wait until they’re out again…


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