Coincidences Galore

My life has been chock-full of strange coincidences recently, so much so that it deserves a blog post.

The first major coincidence has to do with El Salvador. I have two main connections with El Salvador. The first is through my church who has a sister relationship with a community there. The church awards scholarships to students from the community to study in high school and college. I went on two delegations to the community in 2003 and 2005. Then, largely because of my experience on those two delegations, I decided to do an internship in El Salvador during the summer of 2006 through a program called CRISPAZ. You can read about my experiences on this blog. But the major point is that I left that experience with a Salvadoran boyfriend, but things didn’t work out and we broke up.

A family from the first community have been having some difficulties lately so I’ve recently been translating a lot of e-mails between them and my church, as well as researching land reform in El Salvador. In the midst of this, my Salvadoran ex-boyfriend wrote me an e-mail! I honestly haven’t heard from him in over a YEAR. It has been frustrating because I always e-mail him and he never e-mails back, so I kind of stopped trying. But just when I was thinking a lot about El Salvador for the first time in a while, he e-mailed me. Coincidence #1.

A few weekends ago I went dancing with a group of people. I ended up dancing with a great salsa dancer (we’ll call him Juan) who goes to La Catolica. The next night I went out salsa dancing again and was dancing with another guy with the same name (Juan #2) who also went to La Catolica. I guess this coincidence isn’t that noteworthy if you consider that these guys’ real name is quite popular in Chile among their age group, and lots of people go to La Catolica, but still. Coincidence #2.

Yesterday I was on the metro and I looked down at a book that the man across from me was reading. I recognized the font as being from a book I read for my thesis. Then I realized that the cover was also yellow, just like the book I read. Granted, this book was written by a Chilean and is about the Chilean educational system, but it’s not a very well-known book (it’s not like he was reading Pablo Neruda!). So then I started trying to read upside down and I realized that it indeed was the exact same book. I really wanted to talk to this guy and ask him why he was reading the book and tell him all about my thesis, but that would just not fly on the Santiago subway. Coincidence #3.

There are a few more, but they are all kind of personal and I think you get the idea. My life is full of little connections right now. I don’t know why, but maybe I’ll find out soon.


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