Why I’m glad I’m an ex-pat in Chile

Recently I’ve been discovering some ex-pat blogs from other countries besides Chile. Right now I’m focusing just on Latin America (this girl doesn’t have that much free time!), but I hope to find some good ones from other parts of the world too. Reading these experiences has made me very thankful that I chose Chile for a variety of reasons.

1) The food. Okay, so maybe the cuisine isn’t the greatest, but I’m no foodie, so I get along just fine. I LOVE bread, so the Chilean diet and I get along just fine. Plus, almost everything I normally eat in the U.S. can be found here. My friend E. was telling me how her sister, who recently started teaching in Korea, couldn’t find anything remotely resembling food from the U.S. in Seoul. Granted she had just arrived, and probably hadn’t exhausted all of her shopping options.

2) I don’t stick out (that much). Luckily I’m not blonde so I don’t attract any more attention than a light skinned Chilean woman. Depending on what I’m wearing or who I’m with, people don’t automatically peg me as a foreigner, so I feel a little less likely to be taken advantage of. This could never happen in a place like Central America (experienced that in El Salvador!), Asia or parts of Africa where I would always be known as an outsider. Sometimes it’s nice to blend in a little bit.

3) The quality of life. So my job isn’t a dream job (mostly because of the schedule), but I make enough money to live in a fairly new apartment in one of the most ideal locations in the city. Santiago has a modern transportation system that, although a bit crowded, is reliable enough to get me to my destination mostly on time. I am able to go out with friends at least once a week to cute bars and restaurants as well as just relax in my apartment if I want.

4) The language.Luckily, I speak Spanish so my day-to-day dealings with Chileans is painless. Plus, I love speaking Spanish and I adore the Chilean accent and the modismos (obviously!) and take every chance I get to learn more. I couldn’t imagine living in another country where I didn’t know the language as well as I did Spanish. It makes my life much less stressed and I feel that I can be more independent because of that.

5) I just plain love Chile. No explanation required.


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