Full Circle

In March 2007 I started classes at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (known simply as PUC or La Católica) here in Santiago. I took classes at the largest campus right off metro San Joaquin, and also at the former monastery, Campus Oriente, in Ñuñoa. Every Monday and Wednesday, my friends and I would eat our lunches (lovingly and amply prepared by our host mothers) in the Hall Universitario of Campus San Joaquín. In order to be able to sit at the little café tables, we would take turns buying a coke or a water. (There was absolutely no need to buy extra food! I alone brought enough food to feed all three of us.) We would chat, finish homework, and then head off to the Facultad de Construcción Civil (random) for our Southern Cone Literature class that we all hated, despite the fact it was taught by a “well-known” Chilean poet.

Last week I got a call from the Institute offering me a class at La Catolica in San Joaquin. So today, two and a half years later, I found myself sitting at the café tables in the Hall Universitario, sipping my recently bought coke and wishing I had a gigantic lunch prepared by my host mom. Then I trudged over to the Facultad de Teologia (also random) to teach English to current PUC students.

It’s funny how life brings you in little circles sometimes, but I like it.


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