Two points for Chile

Saturday morning I had to wake up earlier than I do during the week (okay, so not that early, but I’m not a morning person) to go to my new apartment and wait for the delivery of my bed and refrigerator. I was somewhat dreading this, as the man (boy? he was like 12) at Homecenter who sold me the bed said that it would be delivered any time between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. I just imagined myself, sitting on the floor of my empty apartment twiddling my thumbs and bored out of my mind for six hours. So I packed a backpack full of “entertainment”: a book, my computer (if there was no wireless at least I could play solitaire and listen to music), essays to correct and grade, lessons to plan and a blanket and pillow to take a nap on the floor.

Luckily, I needed none of that because as I was walking into the building, a woman from Homecenter called to say they would be there in 10 minutes. And they were! Everything was in place by 9:30. Then, since I knew the refrigerator wasn’t coming until after 11:00 (I got the same kind of committment from this guy, “We’ll be there sometime after 11:00 but definitely before 7:00 pm!”) I decided to go to Casas&Ideas and buy some sheets and run some other errands.

It was bizarre to be out in Providencia on a Saturday morning. I can honestly say that never before in my life in Chile have I been up that early and out shopping on a weekend. If I’m up that early it’s because I have to work. It felt kind of nice though. The air was fresher, or something. And the people were fewer and seemed friendlier. Maybe this is because the people who were out are morning people, and therefore get more grumpy as the day goes on…haha.

But I digress. While I was waiting in line at some store, the man with the fridge called and said he would be there around 1:00pm. This was perfect, because it was 11:30 and it gave me time to finish my shopping and get back to my apartment. I was back a bit early, which was perfect, because he arrived a bit early! Early! In Chile! I almost fainted from the shock. I was done waiting before 1:00 pm when I had thought I would be there until 7:00 pm.

After everyone had told me horror stories about deliveries that never arrived until you called and harassed the “customer service” representatives, or deliveries that arrived the next day and they wouldn’t give them to you because you weren’t there and the never called first, I was really happy that everything worked out.

Now, I can move! I think the big day will be Thursday if everything goes according to plan.


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