Everything happens for a reason, right?

Ever since I was in high school and I’ve been a firm believer in that things happen for a reason. I’m not saying that God (or another higher power) has a set in stone plan for every single human being. But I also don’t believe that things just happen randomly. I believe there is someone or something out there looking out for us, or there is at least some pattern that our lives follow.

Maybe it’s because chaos and randomness scare me, or maybe I’m just trying to logically explain why bad things happen to good people. However, I can think of thousands of examples in my life where I’ve wanted something to happen, and stubbornly tried to make it happen despite it not working out. When I’ve stepped back and “gone with the flow”, things tend to work out for the best, even if it wasn’t the outcome that I originally desired.

This is a silly, unimportant, miniscule example, but it illustrates my point perfectly. In my seemingly never-ending quest for furniture, I finally decided to buy a bed from Falabella online. I registered for the site, picked the bed I wanted and went to virtually check out. I got to a certain step and when I hit “next” (“continuar”) the same page reloaded. I tried a different internet browser. I tried signing in and out of the website. I even restarted my computer, but nothing worked. The website would not let me buy that bed (don’t panic, I hadn’t even entered my credit card info yet, so no worries there). I contemplated calling “customer service” but my fear of talking of the phone in Spanish prevented me and I told myself that I would try later on because maybe it was a problem with their server or what not. I did end up trying later, but by this time it was too late to call customer service. I decided I would call the next day.

The next day, however, I went to Homecenter in search of curtain rods (no luck) and found a better bed for less money! So I bought it.

My decision to come to Chile was kind of like this too. During my sophomore year I searched as much as I could for a study abroad program in El Salvador or Central America that my university would accept. However, the deadline was fast approaching and I realized I wouldn’t have time to get a new program approved. Instead of freaking out, I decided to come to Chile, which ultimately changed the whole course of my life.

I’m not saying that people should be passengers on their life’s journey and just sit there and do nothing, because life will decide what’s best for them. No. I absolutely believe that people should be drivers of their destiny, but just look out for road signs. And if there is some sort of tree down that prevents you from getting to your destination, sometimes the best thing isn’t to be stubborn and impatient and go off-roading through difficult terrain. There’s a reason that tree is down, and sometimes you just have to wait for someone or something to come along and clear it away.


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