A good weekend in Chile (and more chilenismos)

Living in a foreign country is like riding a slow roller coaster. It’s filled with ups and downs, good days and bad days, times you love every second of your life and moments when you want to stay in bed all day watching television from the U.S. and checking people’s status updates on facebook.

Luckily, I seem to be on an upswing after a low period.

After a really crappy day on Friday, I got home (soaked, it was raining) and my host family’s new gringa asked me to go out. I was tired and really wanted to go to bed, but I decided to go for it. We went to D’Akatar (Tobalaba with Principe de Gales) which wasn’t all that great, but the company was good and I had a great time being spun around by one of the best dancers I’ve ever met. The rooster was dry. (Haha, I can’t stop with the Chilenismosel gallo era seco, which means he was really good at dancing).

Then on Saturday I went to the mall and bought my shower curtain and had a delicious mid-afternoon meal with Sara at TGI Fridays. Side note: the outfits they make those poor waiters wear are ridiculous. It’s hard to take someone seriously when they have a Daffy Duck stuffed animal hanging down their back.

Saturday night my friend R. called and we went to Maestra Vida in Bellavista and danced some more salsa with her boyfriend and a friend of his. I passed it pig (Ahh! I can’t stop. It’s a disease. Lo pasé chancho…I had a great time).

Of course Sunday I woke up to find my face plastered on page 4 of LUN and thoroughly enjoyed my 15 minutes of fame, which seeped into today when all of my students were thrilled to have a “famous” teacher and one of the doormen at a company where I teach recognized me from the paper.

Finally, I was in the elevator today and a woman says to me, “What a pretty red coat you have!” Anyone who has lived in Santiago will realize how odd it is for someone to say something to you in an elevator (besides maybe chao or buenas noches), much less a compliment! I was thrilled and smiled and said, “Muchas gracias!!!” probably more enthusiastically than she expected.

I hope to keep on top of this Russian Mountain (montaña rusa…rollercoaster) for awhile. The perspective from here is just amazing.



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