It’s not as good as the Rooster at the Glue, but I tried…

No, I haven’t gone crazy. This is how you could literally translate how people speak here in Chile. Check out Cachando Chile’s post (which is way better than mine) as well. The real English and Chilean Spanish versions follow. Also be sure to check out Eileen’s post about when dead men come knocking.

The other day I had desires to go to the Arauco Park, but because I’m so flied, I forgot to tell the chauffeur and was already at The High Counts when I could get out of the collective. As I was walking to the shopping, I found a junior from glue with his little goats.

“So many moons!” I told him as I greeted him and his youngsters.“Yes! Cove time has passed,” he agreed, then added “Hey, did you know our chief is going to complete forty springs on Thursday?”

“Whaaaaat? Don’t screw with me. I would have sworn she didn’t have more than 30. She has the face of a baby!”

“Don’t tell me! I catch that our partners are going to make the cow to buy her something…if it seems to you, give me 500 little pesos or a Lucas.”

“For your place!” I responded and gifted him a bill.


We then goodbyed ourselves and I went to give a turn around the local.


It gave me tin to buy anything because I have baby hands, but in the capital of France I bought a waistcoat and a for-water because water began to fall and it made more cold than the comb outside. As I was leaving I realized that I had hunger and looked at my watch. It was time for elevens, so I decided I wanted to drink a little coffee, but the only place I could find was a coffee shop with legs. I decided to call my old woman to see if I could eat where her, because she lives around the turn from the shopping.


When I arrived, she asked if I preferred a cut coffee or a little tea or even herb water, but I told her it gave me the same. I was really ground from my outing at the shopping, so after eating I poured myself on the sofa and grew weak for a tiny while.

Now, here’s the Chilean Spanish:

El otro día tenía ganas de ir a Parque Aracuo, pero soy tan volada, se me olvidó decir al chofer y ya estaba en Alto Las Condes cuando me pude bajar del colectivo. Mientras caminaba al shopping, me encontré con el junior de la pega con sus tres cabros chicos.


“¡Tantas lunas!” le dije mientras saludaba a sus chiquillos.

“¡Sí! Ha pasado caleta tiempo,” asintió y agregó, “Oye, ¿cachai que la jefa se va cumplir 40 primaveras el jueves?”

“Queeeee? No me hueví. Te lo habría jurado que no tuviera más que treinta. Tiene cara de guagua!”

“No me digai! Cacho que nuestros compañeros van a hacer la vaca para comprarle algo…si te parece dame 500 pesitos o una luka.”

“Por supuesto!” Le respondí y le regalé un billete.


Luego nos despedimos y fui a dar una vuelta por el local.


Me dio lata comprar algo porque tengo mano de guagua, pero en Paris compré un chaleco y una paraguas porque había empezado a gotear y hacía más frío que la cresta afuera. Cuando iba saliendo, me di cuenta que tenía hambre y miré mi reloj. Ya era la hora para once, entonces decidí que quería tomarme un cafecito. Sin embargo, el único lugar que pude encontrar era un café con piernas. Entonces decidí llamar a mi vieja para ver si pudiera comer ahí.


Cuando llegué me preguntó si quería un café cortado o un tesito y incluso me ofreció agua de hierbas, pero le dije que me dio lo mismo. Estaba muy molida por el paseo al shopping, entonces me eché al sofá y flojeé un ratito.

Now, here’s the real English:

The other day I felt like going to Parque Arauco (a mall here in Chile), but because I’m so absent minded, I forgot to tell the collective taxi driver and I was already at Alto Las Condes (another mall) when I could get out. As I was walking to the mall, I saw a guy from work with his small children.


“It’s been a long time!” I told him as I greeted him and his little ones.

“Yes, it sure has,” he agreed, then added, “Hey, did you know that our boss is going to turn forty on Thursday?”

“What? Don’t mess with me. I swore she was only 30. She looks so young!”

“You’re telling me! I think that our co-workers are collecting money to get her a present…if you want you can give me 500 or 1000 pesos.”

“Of course!” I responded and handed him the money.


Then we said goodbye and I went to walk around the mall.


It was such a drag buying things because I’m really frugal, but in Paris (a large department store) I bought a sweater and an umbrella because it had started to drizzle and it was really freaking cold out. As I was leaving I realized I was hungry and looked at my watch. It was tea time, so I decided I wanted a coffee. However, the only place I could find was a café where scantily clad women serve coffee. So I decided to call my mother to see if I could eat there.


When I arrived she asked me if I wanted coffee with milk or tea or herbal tea, but I told her it didn’t matter. I was really exhausted from shopping so I sprawled out on the couch and lazed around for a little while.


Whew. Now I’m tired. Really happy news coming tomorrow, so stay tuned!




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