Spring, spring, that’s my thing…

…flowers and birds and…oh, I’ve forgotten the words.

Raise your hand if you played Recess in Greece as a kid. No one? I was the only dork really into Greek Mythology? Well, that’s Persephone’s song, the Goddess of Spring. I can also recall other songs…like “Little old wine maker me! That’s Dionysus, with a D!” Oh man. My memory is strange.

But back to the main topic.

I’m a sucker for spring. It’s my favorite season by far. In Vermont, I love the sounds it makes, it’s smells (I love the smell of mud!) and the warm weather it brings. This will be my first spring in Chile and I’m really excited.

Why am I talking about spring when it’s summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter down here? Well it’s been about 65 degrees here yesterday and today, and darn it, it feels like spring. And it has made my mood SOAR. I am happy as a clam, or feliz como lombriz, if you prefer.

To top it all off, I hear my favorite micro music ensemble play on my way to class (yay panpipes!) and my favorite micro accordion player on the way home from class. Nothing lifts my mood like panpipes, accordions and spring.

Oh, and I found out that I don’t have class on Saturday! Yay for a real weekend. Life is good.


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