Dude, get some headphones

It may be many things, but riding a micro in Santiago is never boring. There are usually various forms of “entertainment”, from the clapping man (shudder) to rastas playing bongos, to really talented folkloric groups.

However, there is nothing, NOTHING more annoying than listening to someone’s cell phone play crappy music on the micro. And crappy it always is, whether it’s reggaeton, heavy metal or latin love ballads. I have no idea why, but for some reason it’s cool to play music on one’s cell phone. At first I thought maybe these people couldn’t afford to buy headphones, but then I realized (when I got a phone with an mp3 player myself) that these phones come with headphones. Okay, so maybe they lost the headphones and can’t afford to buy them. Doubtful. Those cell phones are expensive, so unless they’ve stolen it (which could be the case), then they can afford to buy headphones. And if it is indeed stolen, why not steal some headphones too while you’re at it?

So basically, there is no excuse not to have headphones.

But yet EVERY DAY I have to listen to some stranger’s crappy music on the micro. It’s something about the enclosed space, lots of people and that annoying music blaring out of bad quality speakers that makes me want to grab the person’s phone and throw it out the window. Either that, or throw myself out the window!

Does this happen in the US or other places? Do people listen to the music on their cell phones without headphones? Does it drive anyone else bananas?


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