Just call me firewoman

It was a typical Sunday afternoon, really (except for the fact that I made corn chowder, which is anything but typical for She Who Does Not Like to Cook) and I was chatting with my parents on Skype.

All of a sudden, I noticed a funny reflection out of the corner of my eye, looked out my window and saw FLAMES.

I immediately yelled “Dad, I gotta go! I’ll call you back!” and went running outside to the front patio, where the garbage was on fire.

Screaming “Sara! Sara! Come help!” I ran back into the house and started filling a pot with water in the kitchen sink while Sara used the bathroom sink. Unfortunately the biggest pot was occupied (see corn chowder above). But nonetheless, with about 4 pots of water, the fire was doused. It wasn’t until later that I realized the garden hose was right next to the fire and it would have been way more efficient just to hose the whole thing down. Oh well.

I think the ashes from my host family’s wood stove are to blame. Either that or there was a match that was still slightly lit.

After, there was a huge mess of wet ashes and half-burned trash to clean up. It smelled like rotting poop, but Sara and I managed to clean everything.

I’m just glad we were home. The fire was pretty far from the house, but there’s a chance it could have spread.


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