Time for a change

I’ve been considering moving out of the casita for awhile now. It’s small and lacks any sort of space to entertain. I can’t count the number of times when I would have liked to have some people over but couldn’t unless my guests would be okay with freezing their butts off on the patio in the middle of winter. Brrrrr.

Plus, as much as I love my host family, I’m ready to really live on my own. Yes, this will mean doing my own laundry and cleaning, but hey, I’ve done that for YEARS in the U.S. so I know I can handle it. I will be able to leave my room a mess and not feel guilty about it because I’ll be the only one responsible.

So, I’m looking for an apartment! If anyone has any datos, send them this-a-way! I’m looking for a one-bedroom, probably unfurnished and ideally I wouldn’t like to pay much more than $200.000/month, including gastos comunes. I’m flexible about location, although it must be in a safe neighborhood and ideally near a metro (although I would consider Ñuñoa if it’s north of Irarrazaval and the price is right).

I’m excited and scared about this, but I think I’m ready.


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