Back to the Future

Lots of things freak me out. Pretty high up on the list is thinking about my future. I am sure that I don’t want to be an English teacher for the rest of my life, although I am enjoying it right now. For awhile I thought maybe I wanted to work in the study abroad field–maybe as an adviser or teacher or program director. Then I thought maybe I could get a Masters in Education. I really do like teaching, but I don’t like teaching children. So maybe I could teach high school. Ideally, I would like to teach college-age students, but you usually need a Ph.D. for that, and I swore to myself I would never spend my whole life in Academia. I prefer the real world, thank you very much.

Then the other day I had what I thought was an excellent idea. I love language, and specifically I love phonetics and pronunciation. In fact, whenever I do a pronunciation exercise in class, I get giddy. Strange, I know. So then I thought: I could be a Speech Pathologist!

However, because I didn’t get my degree in Communication Sciences, and took almost no science classes in college, I would most likely have to do a 2 year post-baccalaureate program before I could enter the 2 year Masters Program. That’s FOUR MORE YEARS OF SCHOOL. Scary, both academically and financially.

Although I need a lot more time to think about this, Speech Pathology really appeals to me. Yes, it would mean taking math and science, but even though I don’t particularly like those subjects, I was never bad at them (at least back in High School). In fact, I won the Chemistry Award my junior year. So, it wouldn’t be so terrible.

For the first time, the thought of going to grad school doesn’t make me want to jump out the nearest window, which I’m sure is the right direction towards figuring out what my future will bring.


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