On my walk to the grocery store today, I realized lots of things. First of all, I realized that I’ve been so busy in the past month that I haven’t walked to the grocery store in a long time. I’ve gotten by through buying a few things here, and a few things there, and going to the Ekono two blocks away for the essentials.

I was also tempted by many-a thing. First I was tempted to watch the aftermath of a choque (car crash) with my capuchenta (gossipy) neighbor. But then I realized that a) if it wasn’t a big car crash, it wouldn’t be interesting and b) if it were a big car crash with blood and guts I didn’t really want to see it anyway. So I continued on my way.

Then I realized how nice it was outside. Wearing only a longsleeved shirt and a fleece (and pants too!…none of that now) I was getting a bit warm. Then I was tempted to think it was spring. But it’s only the beggining of July and nos queda rato todavia (winter’s going to be here for a while). I also realized that I always think in Spanish.

Then I arrived to the grocery store and THEY WERE GIVING AWAY PUPPIES. Not even joking. I wanted one so bad. There was this cute little black and brown one that was licking me all over and I just wanted to die of happiness, but unfortunately (or fortunately?) my rational brain kicked in and said, “You have no time to be a puppy mother.” So I put the little bugger down and entered the store.

You’re going to think I’m kidding, but as soon as I walk inside, what do I see that is on sale? CHOCOLATE. So not the Sahne-Nuss or Trencito that I usually buy, but still good chocolate. This time I caved. Now I am the proud owner of two (okay one and a half by now) bars of chocolately goodness. Yumm.

I guess it was better to give into the chocolate temptation than the puppy temptation. As for the strange weather, if it keeps up like this, I’ll have no choice but to think that spring is on it’s way.


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