In 10th-12th grade, I was in my High School’s Jazz Band. This was a pretty big deal at my school because it required an audition. We had to memorize a bunch of scales, play a piece we had been practicing, sight read a piece we’d never seen before and do an improvised solo. That’s right, we had to play music without the notes written out in front of us!

While it was fun to improvise solos on my gigantic baritone saxophone, it wasn’t random. There were various chords that we had to follow to make sure that the notes we played sounded good in the context of the song. It was by no means easy, but it was doable.

I recognize that perhaps because of this experience, I have better than average improvisation skills when it comes to life in general. I know how to use the tools I have to create something that is not planned out note by note.

However, one of the biggest frustrations I have with Chile is that people seem to lack improvisation skills. If it’s not written down in some sort of law, code, rule or lesson plan, there is no way that it can be done.

This lack of willingness or ability to improvise combined with the disorganization and inefficiency of some Chilean organizations results in…UTTER DISASTER!

I wish I could post the details of my very pertinent example here, but it is VERY work related and could get me into trouble.

Does anyone know how to translate “Think outside the box” into Spanish?


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