Yummy yummy peanut butter deliciousness

I often do an exercise with my students where I tell them they’re going to a deserted island and have to bring only X number of things. Then they discuss and tell me what they would (or are going to, depending on their level) bring and hilarity ensues.

Because of this, I’ve often thought about what I would bring to a deserted island. Even though in my classes I usually tell them they have an ample supply of food and fresh water so they don’t have to worry about things like that. Despite this, there is one thing that I would bring, hands down.


I love it so much. Thank god it’s available in Chile, even if it’s a bit more expensive than home. I honestly don’t think I could live here without it.

There is a saying in English, “the nectar of the gods” (in Chilean it’s “manjar de los dioses“) but I honestly feel like starting a petition to officially change it to “peanut butter of the gods”.

I need to get out. All these days of licencia médica are getting to me, which is why, despite the fact that it’s raining cats and dogs (or lloviendo a cántaros) I am going out tonight for a bit, because I think I might start getting sicker if I stay in my room any longer.

That, and I might start writing more posts about strawberry jelly or marshmallow fluff. Mmmmmmm….how good is marshmallow fluff???


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