More pronunciation problems

I admit it, I can’t say Salvador. But some pronunciation problems honestly aren’t my fault. For example, the fact that at Starbucks they pronounce “muffin” practically like they do in English (with a short “u”) where as in Castaño it’s pronounced with a long “u” a la español. Also, who knew that here they say “CD” tal cual (see-dee), not “say-day”. I’m sorry you don’t understand me when I try to hispanicize my own language so that you will understand me. Sheesh. How is a girl supposed to keep up?

The same thing happened today. I had to talk on the phone to strangers (shudder), in Spanish, (shudder shudder) to ask for something called a “holter de arritmia.” In Spanish, the “h” is silent, so I called asking for a “OHL-ted” and the woman on the other line thought I was crazy until she was like, “Oh, you crazy gringa, you want a HOL-ter de arritimia! Can’t you pronounce your own language? That’s a gringa term!” Okay, so she didn’t say all that, but I’m sure that’s what she was thinking.

And then I had to give my RUT. Why did the gods of the Registro Civil curse me with a number so full of 3’s and 6’s??? Didn’t they know that even for a person who speaks Spanish natively, these two numbers sound the similar, and for poor gringas who are talking on the phone they sound EXACTLY THE SAME. No wonder my RUT didn’t want to register, she was putting a 6 where the 3 should be and a 3 where the 6 should be. After a little while saying “No, it’s 306. 3 as in thirty. 3 as in 1,2,3. 3 as in 3 little pigs. 3 as in the triolgy, Father Son and Holy Ghost,” I finally got her to put in the right RUT. Because did you all know that the first eight digits of your RUT are put into some sort of formula which gives you the ninth digit? That’s why I couldn’t just make up a RUT when I wanted to sign up for Club Movistar awhile back. And that’s why this woman couldn’t give me my appointment for the houlter de arritimia when she switched the 3 for a 6.

If you’re wondering why I’m writing about my pronunciation problems instead of the problems that have led me to need a Holter Test, that makes two of us. But I’ll be fine, promise.


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