Life is Good

I have had this window open for 26 minutes trying to think of what exactly to write. I want to tell everyone exactly what the title says: that life is, indeed good. But somehow, the good things about my life just aren’t as interesting as the day to day trivialities that sometimes drive me up the wall.

But not to worry, I won’t digress into the bad. I’ll just keep it short.

While I wouldn’t say love, I would say that I like my job a lot. If the schedule were a bit different, I’d love it. I love my students, I feel challenged and I can mostly deal with the disorganized inefficiencies of my Institute (which despite everything, I think is a good place to work).

My personal life is also great, but it is personal, so we’ll leave it at that 🙂

In conclusion, I’m happy. End of story.


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