Good thing I didn’t wear my heels today…

Today I was going to wear my boots with high heels. I wore them once on a work day and I almost died by the end of the day because my feet were so sore. But, I decided to give them another chance on Saturday night and it wasn’t so bad, granted I only walked a total of about 10 blocks and did not have to stand in front of a class for an extended period of time. So today, because it’s supposed to be my “relaxed” day, I thought I might wear them. In fact I even had them laid out next to the clothes I was going to wear (because I’m nerdy like that) but at the last minute decided to wear my comfy, flat Mary Janes.

My instincts were dead on because after leaving my house at 7:00am, I didn’t return until 7:45pm.

This was partially my fault because I wanted to do fun things with friends, like return sweaters and eat lunch. However, I did not plan on getting called to sub a class from 4:30 to 6:50 and have to walk all the way across El Centro (from Santa Lucia to Amunátegui) and then schlep up to Metro Cerro Blanco to a colegio that still uses chalk but has a beautiful view of Cerro San Cristobal, and then back home during rush hour accompanied by fans of La U who scare the crap out of me because of this incident. (I know, that’s not fair. Not all fans of La U are delinquents. In fact my best friends are fans of La U, but I can’t control the way my mind responds to groups of men wearing blue jerseys. It’s involuntary.)

But thus is the life of the travelling English teacher. And the colegio children were surprisingly quite endearing. While showing me where the bathroom was, the whole class entered with me before realizing half of them were boys. Hilarity ensued, rest assured.

I’m just really glad I didn’t wear heels.


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