>A Modern Chilean Miracle: A Haircut without a Mullet!

>I was going to write an in depth post with an intelligent observation on Chilean society, but I will save that for another day.

Right now I just want to share the news that I got a hair cut here in Chile and I don’t have a mullet.

It’s a little more layer-y than I’m used to, but everyone assures me that it looks good. Either that or they say, “Don’t worry Abby, hair grows.”

The guy who cut my hair was not my favorite, but I went to one of those big places in the mall where everything is pretty impersonal unless you know a specific hairdresser. It made me so nervous though because he cut hair in a way I’ve never ever seen. Instead of piling all the hair on the top of my head and then cutting layer by layer, he diagonally cut off HUGE chunks of my hair. It was kind of nerve-wracking because I could see my hair getting shorter as he went, whereas I’m used to not really noticing how short it is until near the end. Also, he was very disinterested and didn’t talk to me at all except to ask me what I wanted. In fact, I half expected him just to start cutting without asking. I tried to be friendly and chat but he was having none of it. Bad day I guess. But it got even worse for him because I felt no desire to tip him so didn’t.

I’ll try to take some photos soon to show it off.


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