>Yes, you read right. I waited that long.

>I just spent four hours and fifteen minutes at the Extranjeria. They are not kidding when they say get there early. The wait gets exponentially longer the later you get there. I was number 217. When I got there they were on number 50. When I left, the new people coming in (note: it closes at 2:00 and they don’t let anyone in after that, although they keep attending the people who are still waiting) were getting numbers around 450.

I got there at 9:45, was attended at 1:50 and left at 2:00.

Bring water. Bring food. Bring a book. Leave and come back.

But still, it’s a long time. Be prepared.

Oh! But on the bright side, I have my visa now and am one long wait down from getting my carnet. Yay!


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