Temblor crazy

When I was little, I was scared of California. I never ever wanted to live there, because I was convinced that someday it would break off from the rest of the country and sink into the ocean because of the San Andreas Fault. I don’t remember what specific earthquake in Cali made me so scared to ever live there, but if someone told me they were moving to California, I would always think they were crazy. (To be fair, I never wanted to live in Florida because of the hurricanes or Kansas because of the tornadoes…maybe I’m just wary of natural disasters in general.)

Then, I moved to Chile. Ha.

The thing is, when I think of Chile, the first thing that pops into my head isn’t earthquakes, although it probably should be, since it’s the most seismic country in the world. But say California, and I think “DANGER! EARTHQUAKE ZONE!” Ahh, the way my silly mind works.

The point is that I’ve felt a lot of temblors recently. Or at least I think I’ve felt a lot of temblors. I know I’ve felt at least three because they’ve been confirmed by others. There are a few more that may or may not be figments of my imagination or over-stimulated brain. For example the other day I was convinced I felt one in the metro because the train kept rocking back and forth after it stopped, but that was probably something else. Then today I was on the pedestrian crossover near Metro Vespucio Norte and thought I felt one. I mean, the thing swayed, but I guess it could have been two big trucks driving underneath at the same time.

Which brings me to my last point. Worst places to be during an earthquake (I’m talking about a real one, not just a little temblorcito):

1. THE METRO. Holy moly that would be mayhem and potentially very dangerous.
2. Any of those pedestrian crossovers. I’m not convinced that they were built to be earthquake-proof.
3. In the shower. (I can just imagine after the fact everyone running out to see the damage and there I am: wet, cold and en pelota. Sheesh.)
4. Although people assure me that all new apartment buildings are earthquake-proof, I still wouldn’t want to be above the 8th or 9th floor if there was a big one.


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