>There is no logical explanation

>I have been SO moody lately. Usually around “that time of the month” I get kind of emotional, but I recognize it for what it is, so no biggie.

This time, it makes no sense date-wise. I wonder if it has something to do with culture shock/homesickness, but I honestly don’t feel like I hate Chile or want to leave, I just feel frustrated, sad and sometimes angry.

Today, it was sad. First of all, I talked to F. on MSN and told him I wanted to get together, but our schedules are so different that it was hard coming up with a time. I started crying.

Then I left for work and was waiting at the bus stop. There were about 10 of us there and a bus was approaching. At least three of us put our hands out. The bus was not full by any means. It went sailing right by. I was so mad I started crying again, even though I knew another bus would come in a few minutes and it did.

What’s WRONG with me? I’m not normally an emotional person unless the situation merits it. Has anyone else experienced these negative emotions without any sort of logical explanation? Is it a normal part of being an ex-pat? I would understand if my negative emotions were accompanied with hatred towards Chile or a strong desire to go home, because that would be culture-shock or homesickness. The thing is, my mom and sister are coming in a week and so I’m the opposite of homesick, because I’m too excited to see them!

Maybe though, it is a little bit of homesickness, because I can barely even THINK about my dogs before breaking down and crying. I miss them so much!! Ahh…here come the tears….

I mean, how cute is she??

And don’t even get me started on her. She is my LOVE and it breaks my heart that I couldn’t explain to her why I was leaving.


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