>Owl scissors and tylenol, never to be seen again

>This blog post originated over at Eileen’s blog, Bearshapedsphere.

I’ve never had anything taken away from me by customs officials, but I have been the victim of other travel officials, namely airport security.

The first time I was ten years old, and flying for the first time to Florida to go to Disney World with my family. My dad had warned me to take out any sharp objects from my carry-on, which happened to be the backpack I also used for school.

Apparently in my ten year old brain, “sharp objects” did not mean my green owl safety scissors. They were so cool. The handles had a drawing of an owl on them. I wish I had a picture of them, because I know my description does not do them justice.

And unfortunately I will never see them again, because TSA took them away. I asked if they could send them back to my house. They said no. I was devastated.

In 2006, I was a few days away from returning home from El Salvador when the whole liquid-bomb fiasco happened in London. So when I flew home, I had to make sure that I had no liquids in my carry-on. I think at that point they weren’t even allowing 3 oz containers.

Security took forever, because after going through the regular security checkpoint, a man opened up your bags, took out all the items, and made sure there were no liquids.

I had no liquids, but I did have some generic brand Tylenol. The guard took it out. He tried to read the label but it was obviously in English. He asked me what it was. Not knowing the Spanish word for acetaminophen (paracetamol, por si acaso) I told him it was “medicine for headaches.” He asked to see my prescription. I told him it wasn’t a medicine that required a prescription. He told me I would have to give up my tylenol. I asked him why. It CLEARLY wasn’t a liquid. He told me it didn’t matter, since I didn’t have a prescription.

I knew I would never win this battle, so I gave up my Tylenol.

And as luck would have it, I had a splitting headache all the way home.


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