>Signs that winter is truly coming

>1. A couple of days ago I started closing my window to sleep at night.

2. I’ve traded in my flip-flops for slippers while walking around the house. (Because god-forbid you walk barefoot. That could mean certain and untimely death by pneumonia.)

3. I’ve started wearing socks.

4. This morning I looked forward to being sqaushed in the metro (just a little bit) so I could warm up.

5. It only gets to be about 70-75 during the day instead of 80.

6. I’ve started showering at night so that after the horrifying experience of stepping out of a shower into the unheated bathroom, I can quickly dry off and jump under the covers instead of having to get dressed and go outside with wet hair (because I refuse to blow-dry my spilt-end free locks and wet hair is another recipe for certain and untimely death by pneumonia. You think I kid. Ask any Chilean.)

7. The smog has settled over the city. Ñuñoa has it’s vehicular restriction signs out. You can’t see the Andes.

8. This morning I could see my breath.

Grab a cup of tea, sit in front of the estufa, fill up your hot water bottles and put on your scarf. Welcome to winter in Chile.


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