>Why am I here?

>I was planning on writing about this topic soon, but I stumbled across this ex-pat blog today and this great post inspired me to write about it today. I guess it also kind of relates to the group blogging topic of a few weeks ago as well.

One question I get asked constantly here in Chile is, “Why are you here?” When people find out that I don’t have a pololo chileno (Chilean boyfriend) they find it even harder to believe that I would stay.

Friends and family back at home admire me for making such a courageous decision to move overseas and start a life in a place that most people haven’t even heard of. Maybe I shouldn’t admit this, but for me the decision to move to Chile was the easier option. The thought of finding a grown up job in the U.S. (this was even before the economy tanked) or going right from college to grad school was WAY scarier.

Chile is comfortable. I feel at home here. I like the pace of life. For the most part I like the food. I tolerate Transantiago. One of my best friends lives here and it’s wonderful to be able to get together with him and not just talk over a webcam. I have found a group of ex-pat gringas who are wonderful and I love our wine nights and just chatting in general. I like my job and someday (once I no longer have to teach children at 8:30 am on Saturdays) I plan on loving it.

Will I stay here forever? I don’t know. I’m only 23 years old, I think it’s hard to say anything is “forever” when you are 23. I do know that in general I am happy here. I may have some bad days when I miss my family and friends at home, or days where everything about Chile makes me angry, or bad things might happen to me, but when all is said and done, I’m glad I’m here.


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