>I hope nobody finds this creepy!

>I’m a pretty vivid dreamer. I almost always remember my dreams and they usually affect my emotions. Sometimes I have really happy dreams and they make me feel good the next day. Sometimes I have really scary dreams and they disturb me a lot. I have woken up sobbing from sad dreams that I have had more times than I can count. Sometimes I think things have happened in real life but it was really only a dream because THEY ARE SO REAL.

I don’t know if this is normal. Re-reading that paragraph I sound like a crazy person. I hope I’m not.

Anyway, the point of this post is that last night I had a dream and almost all of the Chile-Bloggers were in it! The thing is, I have met very few of you, but I’ve seen most of your pictures so I at least know what you look like.

So the dream. Emily (from Don’t Call Me Gringa) sent out a video-e-mail (very high tech) inviting us all to her house. In my dream, she lived in a HUGE mansion. It was very high class. There were waiters who brought us wine and fancy hors d’ourves. I don’t even know why we were all there, but it was some sort of business meeting because we stared at a powerpoint slideshow of everyone’s blogs for awhile. The main people I interacted with in the dream were people I already know (Isabel, Sara, Emily from Chilemily) but do I remember everyone commenting on Kyle’s haircut (which is great, by the way!) and RenĂ©e sang us all a song (I don’t know if you sing in real life, but you sure did in my dream!) At the end everyone had to pay $10.000 pesos for something, maybe the wine? Although I find it hard to believe that we all drank $10.000 pesos worth of Chilean wine.

I think I probably dreamed this because I was catching up on the Chile blogs last night right before bed. Maybe someday if one of us strikes it rich we can have a real fancy party with wine and waiters. But for now, I guess I’ll just see you all in my crazy vivid dreams!


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