>Piropos Guaranteed

>Feeling a little down? Need some healthy encouragement from the male population of Santiago?

Let me tell you, I have found the way!

Roll out of bed. No need to shower. Put your unwashed hair into a messy pony-tail. Put on some old jeans and flip-flops. Then (this is the important part) put on your bright red Chilean National Selection soccer jersey. Then walk a few blocks to the grocery store.

You’ll receive many nice verbal gestures, such as: “Chilena de MI corazón” “Viva Chile mi’jita rica!” plus the typical cat-calls and kissing noises. It’s the perfect way to pick you up when you’re feeling down! For maximum effect, make sure to walk by at least one construction site, and for good measure time it so you’re walking by the secuirty-guard training school right when class is letting out.

If there is anything Chilean men like more than gringas, it’s soccer, especially the National Team which is doing so well compared to years past. Put the two together, and it’s a fatal combination that will guarantee piropos any day!


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