>Not so proud to be a Mule today…

>Here and here are some links to the story. The first one has a pretty disturbing video. Each represents a differing point of view.

In case you’re not into clicking links, three students were arrested early Sunday morning at Colby. Two were allegedly interfering while Security and Colby Emergency Response were helping a student who was sick from alcohol. I don’t know to what extent they were “interfering”, but if you watch the video, the response by security and the police seems way over the top, especially for a small liberal arts college in sleepy Waterville, ME.

Luckily, my fellow mules are speaking out. I’ve been following the discussions on Facebook and it looks like they are pretty organized. I just hope that some real change comes from this.

The relationship between Colby students and Security has been crappy for years. The constantly changing draconian alcohol policies are probably to blame for this. When students are reduced to binge drinking in dorm rooms the size of closets and are afraid to seek medical attention for their friends who may need it, something is wrong. And believe me, the solution is not to make tougher rules. I guess the problem stems from the fact that the drinking age in the U.S. is 21, crating legal issues for the college if it openly allows underage drinking. But honestly, other colleges have figured out a balance that both protects students safety but also allows college kids to be college kids.

Was there a huge drinking problem at your college? How did the Administration/Security punish students for underage drinking?


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