>Yesterday I woke up very sick. I’ll spare the gory details, but by around 4:00pm I had developed a fever of 101. I felt like crap. My host sister, who is basically my hero (and a doctor), looked me over and told me I wasn’t going to die. What a relief! She gave me some gotas for my stomach ache and told me to drink lots of water and sent me to bed. I actually started to feel better after that, although I didn’t sleep the greatest last night.

Now I feel better. Not 100% by any means, but if I had woken up feeling like this yesterday, I would have gone to work. Now I don’t know if I should or not. My class isn’t until 7:00pm tonight, but if I go that means working until 10:30pm.

I always have this dilemma the day after I’m sick. I’m usually too antsy to stay in bed all day, but if I do too much, I end up back in bed the next day. So I think I’m going to not be so stubborn and call in sick again. I’ll just have to have my sister write me a sick note, because in Chile they think everyone is still in 3rd grade and it’s required. No such things as sick days here.

Today I think I will watch episodes of TV online, because after watching Chilean TV all day yesterday I’m pretty sick of it. I get like 8 movie channels and none of them were showing something I wanted to watch. I watched the same episodes of Friends and Two and a Half Men in the morning and at night. Also, my remote is semi-broken and the numbers don’t work, so you have to use the up-down arrows which gets annoying if you want to bop back and forth between channel 32 and 65.


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