>Pet Peeve

>I think I’ve written about pet peeves before. But this is another to add to the list.

Documents that are not correctly formatted in Word!

Here is an excerpt of something I have to translate:

1,.-Circulatorios : luego de una inyección aguda de manitol 15 o 20 % hay una incremento del gasto cardiaco y de las presiones de llenado derecha e izquierda produciendo si la autorregulación hidráulica esta presente una elevación aguda y temporal de la presión arterial y de las cifras circulatorias cerebrales.(17).Agudamente se induce una elevación de las presiones venosas central, auricular derecha e izquierda así como las presiones de fin de diástole ventricular.Su gasto cardiaco se incrementa en hasta un 30% produciendo un incremento en el gasto cerebral secundariamente.Las presiones de perfusión esplacnica,renal ,miocárdica y pulmonar se incrementan en forma proporcional y temporal.

Honestly, why would anyone ever put a period, comma and a dash after the number 1? One would suffice, thank you, although I personally would chose either the period or the dash. And HELLO. You are supposed to put a space after punctuation (and not before, might I add).

This seriously bothers me so much that before I translate this I’m going to have to go through and fix all the formatting errors. I know that’s kind of OCD, but it just rubs me the wrong way.

There are also grammar and spelling mistakes, but these honestly don’t bother me as much as the formatting ones.


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