>So far, I have had two successful classes at the Institute. Well, the first one was much more successful than the second I guess. Let me explain.

You see, I didn’t get my class list for my class this evening until 10 minutes before the class started. So I had no way of knowing that the class would consist of three men in their mid-30s. And that is why my lesson plan that had to do with exercise and eating healthy was kind of silly. Especially the listening part that dealt with pilates and yoga. But they were really good and went along with it.

All of my paperwork got sent of this morning for my work visa. Yesterday I had to go to the Notary office to get the contract signed and it was like a zoo. It opened at 3:30 and when I got there at 3:20 there was a line out front. So I got at the end of it. Then I realized it was transforming into a blob and I was at the back. Chileans don’t know how to form lines, so they have little numbers for everything, like at the pharmacy, the ice cream parlor…well I can’t think of anymore right now (see the title of this post). So at 3:30 the doors open and everyone goes rushing in to grab a number. Even though I was maybe the 5th person “in line” I got the second to last number. But whatever, I eventually got everything signed and this morning I spent $3 to send the package approximately 6 blocks. I should have just brought it over to the Central Post Office myself, but that didn’t occur to me until later. Probably they wouldn’t have accepted it though, because it had to be “Certified Mail”, whatever that means. (I think it means they put it in a plastic bag and charge $3 for it).

Sorry if this post is disjointed, or if the English is funny. I’ve spent the past two days thinking about how I can simplify the way I speak so my students can understand me. Today I almost wrote “riding the horse” on the board before I realized that it should be “horse-back-riding”. Sheesh!


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