>Killing Time

>I need to leave my house in about 45 minutes to go to Mendoza. I’m all packed, and I don’t think I’m forgetting anything. I’m trying not to dread the bus ride too much.

Today I got my class assignments today from the Institute. I think I got lucky because I have five classes, for a total of around 17 hours/week. They say that the number of hours will increase, but they also talked a lot about the recession and that things are slower than usual this year, so I’m not hoping for too much. Plus, there are teachers that got way less, so I feel like they should get more hours before I do. Hopefully I’ll be able to supplement my hours with private classes.

I have one class for children (ages 8-12), two classes for teens (one beginner, one advanced), and two classes for adults (one beginner, one advanced). I think I share my advanced adult class with someone, which should be interesting, considering my past experience with sharing a class was not pleasant. They (I should probably find out who the other teacher is) have the class three days a week and I only have them two days. I hope the students like me better. (What? I didn’t say that…)

Also, I work on Saturdays. From 8:30am-2:40pm. It’s funny thought, because all my classes during the week are in the late afternoon/evening, so basically (unless I get private classes) the only day I’ll have to wake up early is Saturday. Joy.


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