>Sometimes I’m so stubborn

>The other day I went to the Lider Express on Rancagua with Seminario. I usually just go to the Ekono, which is closer and cheaper, but I felt like going for a little walk.

I needed a few things, but mostly went because I needed some crema for a recipe I wanted to make.

I don’t usually go to this grocery store so I don’t know where everything is located, but I figured the crema (which is a thick cream that is very common here in Latin America) would be somewhere near the milk/yogurt/cheese section, considering it’s a dairy product.

After two sweeps through there, I couldn’t find it.

So then I went and looked in the cooking and condiments sections.


Then I went and looked everywhere again.

By this point, I was getting frustrated. But since I wasn’t in any sort of hurry, I figured I’d look again. Why didn’t I ask someone? Because I’m stubborn. And if I had asked, then I would have felt stupid for not finding it in the first (or second or third) place.

Then I spotted a gigantic thing of crema (1 liter I think) on a random shelf next to some cleaning supplies. I picked it up and thought, “Well, I really don’t need this much crema, but I’ll buy it.”

Then between where I was and the register, I realized how ridiculous that was. When was I ever going to use 1 liter of crema? I can barely finish 1 liter of milk before it goes bad! So I put it back in some other random place.

Moral of the story, I left Lider without crema. I thought maybe the whole experience was trying to send some sort of message that I didn’t need to use crema in that recipe. After all, crema is really fattening.


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