>My body is amazing. Sometimes I don’t even realize that I’m stressed, but my body will tell me.

If I’m stressed out emotionally, I get cold sores. They suck and are really ugly. End of story.

If I’m stressed out about work/academics/etc I start clenching my jaw in my sleep and when I wake up my jaw is REALLY sore. I once went to the doctor and he gave me this special mouth guard to wear at night. But the thing is, I’m a finicky sleeper and absolutely could not sleep with it in. Since then, I’ve mainly been able to control through trying to relax, making sure I’m getting enough sleep and exercise, eating healthily, making lists and schedules to keep me organized, and other stress reducing techniques.

However, right now I’m stressing out about two things that are outside of my control.

One is a possible work related scheduling conflict that I won’t even find out if it exists until Friday.

The other is my upcoming trip to Mendoza, which I have to take. The main reason: I get carsick, or bussick in this case. Switchbacks+Increasing Altitude=No fun for Abby’s stomach. If you would like to read about my past experience with this, click here, but it’s not very pleasant. The moral of the story is that I’m nervous about getting sick, plus not looking forward to what will inevitably be a long wait at the border to get into Argentina and then back into Chile.

Anyway, I need to learn how to file these types of things away so I don’t stress about them. My mandibula begs this of me!


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