>Summer is over

>Although it will technically last until March 21st, for all practical intents and purposes, summer is over in Chile. Tomorrow the majority of high school students will return to classes. When I studied abroad here, I loved seeing the pinguinos (=penguins, because of their uniforms) out in masses. I never had to wear a uniform for school, so for some reason I found their outfits adorable. This time, I’m more concerned about how they are going to clog the public transport system. Not many schools have “school buses” and those that do are for very small children. Therefore, students that live far away from their high schools take public transport using the pase escolar, a card that discounts the trip from $400 pesos to $130 pesos.

In addition to the kids going back to school, most everyone who has been on vacation goes back to work tomorrow too. I bet the highways are teeming with cars right now trying to make their way back to Santiago from the beach or the South.

One thing I like about the end of summer is the evenutal end to brutally hot weather. Already I can sense a change. The nights are cooler, and yesterday it even rained! Although by no means am I a fan of the Santiago winter, I love the fall. I love being able to wear jeans and long sleeved shirts. For some reason I’m a fan of that style more than the summer style of shorts and tank tops.

So yes, I’m a little sad that summer is over, but excited to start working, for cooler weather, and whatever else the fall may bring.


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