>Cooking in Chile

>In the US, I liked to cook. I didn’t love it, but I did like it. I’m realizing that one of the reasons I liked it was because I didn’t have to buy the food. Well, I actually went grocery shopping quite often for my parents, but it was always with their debit card. I was always a bargain hunter though. One time I saved $21 on a bill of around $80 (Yay Shaws cards!).

And there was always a good variety of food in my house. I was often in charge of making dinner, and I would simply open the freezer and have three to four options. We sometimes planned meals and then went shopping specifically for those ingredients, but a lot of the times I would just buy the basics and then think of a meal to make.

Here, it’s totally different. First of all, it’s my hard earned money that I’m spending to buy food, so I’m even MORE of a bargain hunter. In the states I would buy the cheapest option, but would almost always buy it. Here, if even the cheapest option isn’t cheap enough, I won’t buy it. Second of all, the variety is almost non-existent. The closest grocery store to me is a little Ekono, which is good if you need to pop in to buy bread or juice or even a bottle of wine. Also, everything is really cheap. But they have NO variety. To get that, I have to go to either the Unimarc, which has okay variety, or the HiperLider, which is about a 10 minute micro ride away. Carrying tons of groceries home on the micro isn’t fun, and I refuse to take a taxi.

This means that I have to carefully plan my meals and my shopping trips. I haven’t yet done this really, and so I’ve been living off what I can get at Ekono. I’m already sick of spaghetti and tuna so I need to start planning. Anyone have any favorite meal suggestions?

Oh, I almost forgot to add…I don’t have an oven. So everything must be stove top or microwave friendly.


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