>A Souvenir

>In Chile, they aren’t really big on souvenirs. At least not to the extent that we are in the US, where it seems like at any touristy spot you go to they try to sell you tee-shirts, key-chains, spoons, hats, etc. with the name of the place plastered all over it. Here in Chile, not so much. That’s why, every time F. and I go somewhere he gives me the boleto (receipt) as a “souvenir”.

Today we went bike riding. Well, we wanted to rent a movie and had no car to get there so we went by bike. Despite my complaints (I haven’t ridden a bike in 5 years and never in a city), it was actually quite enjoyable. We didn’t buy tee-shirts that said, “I went bike riding and all I got was this silly tee-shirt”, but I did get a souvenir:

It happened as I was getting off the bike back at F.’s house. I think I hit it on the seat, I can’t really remember. At the time, it didn’t even hurt that much. But once I got inside and started watching the movie, I realized my leg was throbbing and swolen. At the end of the movie, it had already turned purple!

At least I will always (well, for a few days anyway) have a constant reminder of that night we went bike-riding.


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