>More rhetorical questions…this time not on the micro

>Have you ever met someone and known right off that you weren’t going to like them (or that they weren’t going to like you) without even knowing them at all?

Have you ever gotten on a bus or a train and felt like there was someone there with bad energy and wanted to get off right away?

This happens to me all the time. Well, the second more than the first. I feel really bad about the first because a lot of times I feel as if I’m not giving them a chance. Then I usually try to give them a chance, try to strike up some sort of conversation, but more often than not this backfires and they turn out to be just the way I thought they would.

Maybe some people just aren’t compatible with others. For example, “Jenny” might do something that really annoys the hell out of me. And then “Maggie” does the same thing but it doesn’t bother me at all. Why is that?


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