>Mushrooms are not my friend

>I’m not a picky eater. I like lots of different kinds of food and love trying new things. That being said, there are three things that I don’t like: mushrooms, olives and venison. (Okay, also I don’t like sushi, but I would eat the kind that doesn’t have raw fish if necessary).

My host family left for Pucon on Sunday. Since then, my host mom’s best friend has been coming to the house during the day to water the sidewalk (okay and the garden too) so that the thieves will think that there are people here and won’t come in and steal stuff. Yesterday, as I was lazing in bed around 12, she came in and asked me if I wanted almuerzo (lunch). In a moment of weakness, I said okay. Normally, I make my own lunch or warm up something that my host mom has made. I don’t need anyone to wait on me. She asked what I like to eat, and I said “Como de todo.” (I eat whatever). Which is (almost) true.

But today that meant that I had to eat mushrooms. Just thinking about the fact that I just choked down about 6 whole mushrooms makes me want to vomit. There is something abut their texture that just skeeves me out. I’m not a huge fan of their taste either, but it’s the texture that really puts me over the edge. I tried to make it better by cutting them up into tiny pieces and eating them together with a bite of hot dog. But then I ran out of hot dog. So I did the same with my rice. But then I ran out of rice. So then I took the tiniest bite of mushroom (trying not to chew it at all) and washed it down with juice.

I really hope she didn’t notice, because she’s the sweetest lady ever, and I’m really appreciative of the fact that she made me lunch.

Today while I was facing down the mushrooms (before I had actually eaten one) I thought that maybe, just maybe, my taste buds would have changed and I would be able to tolerate them. Nope. I still hate mushrooms.


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