>My how time flies…

>Happy One Month In Chile Anniversary to Me!

Today my student asked me how long I had been in Chile for and I almost said my standard “about three weeks” when I realized. No, ma’am. I’ve been here a month!

I seriously feel as if I got here yesterday.

On the one hand, lots of things have happened.

On the other hand, I feel like I haven’t done much.

Because I’m in Chile for I don’t know how long, I also don’t feel much pressure to do do do do do right away. That being said, I would like to accomplish some things that I wrote about here.

One of them was to explore more outside the comunas that I know best (Providencia, Ñuñoa and El Centro). When I wrote that, I didn’t really have in mind Las Condes, mainly because socio-economic wise it’s on par or one step up from Providencia–more of the same (or so I thought). I’ve been to the Escuela Militar part of Las Condes which does indeed resemble Providencia. And to be fair, I once went to the DUOC all the way out in San Carlos de Apoquindo, but that day I was not really paying attention to anything at all, just worried about finding my bus stop.

Well, today I got a pretty good introduction to Las Condes through a 45 minute bus ride that took me up (yes up) into the north eastern part of the city. I’m talking about suburbia here. Houses, not apartments, with yards/. Call me naive, but I had no idea. The streets are tranquil and shaded. It’s almost quiet. But the weird thing is (maybe this is because it was a Monday in February at 3:30 in the afternoon) there was no one on the streets. (Actually that’s a lie, when I went to leave my student’s house, I saw a horse drawn cart go by…but don’t get the wrong idea. It looked very out of place!)

To me, this is not the Santiago that I know. I’m sure that’s why it’s so expensive to live there and coveted by the upper-middle and upper classes.

My awe with this part of Las Condes soon came crashing down when it took me 2 micros, one VERY crowded metro and 1 1/2 hours to get home.

So yeah, Las Condes is nice and tranquil. If you have a car. I can’t imagine what it’s like to live in Lo Barnachea…


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