>Writer’s Block

>I’ve opened up this “create a post” window approximately 10 times today. Usually when I have some kind of work to do, I can successfully procrastinate by writing a blog entry.

Not today.

It’s not that nothing exciting has happened, it’s just that I don’t feel like writing about it.

Although I guess today I’ve been in my room all day writing a paper and planning a lesson. Not too thrilling.

Yesterday I went to Parque Arauco and bought a bathing suit. I found out that Chilean two-pieces are too small for me unless I got an XL (and hello, there are bigger people than me…how do they find bathing suits?) so I had to get a one-piece, but it actually looks really good. I also bought two shirts, only to get home and realize that I bought one color in L and the other in XL. It’s weird though, because I tried them both on and they fit the same. So I held them up to each other today and they are definitely different sizes.

Now I’m listening to Guns N’ Roses and planning my last lesson for my TEFL class! Woo!

Sorry, this post was really lame. But I had to get over this writer’s block somehow! More interesting posts to follow soon so get ready….


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