>Un par de Guatones

>While here in Chile, I think I generally eat healthier than in the US. I eat three meals a day with one snack. I hardly eat cookies or chips, I occasionally grab some ice cream at Bravissimo or for 200 pesos on the micro ride home. Now that J. is living here and is a vegetarian, I’ve been eating more vegetables and less meat. This time around I’ve also been trying to eat a real meal at night instead of just bread and avocado, despite how much I LOVE once.

That being said, F. and I are little pigs when we get together. He introduced me to a little place to eat called “Donde el Guaton” on Bustamante near metro Irarrazabal. The churrasco italiano (very thinly sliced beef with tomatoes, avocado and mayo) is to die for. And what’s even better, it comes on bread the size of a small cake. No, make that a normal sized cake. Here’s a picture. (Well, I think this is a lomo italiano, but you get the idea.)

But here’s the best part. This cake-sized sandwich (appropriately called the Guaton),can easily feed 3-4 people and only costs $3800 pesos!!! In fact, two normal sized sandwiches (also available there) would put you back $5800.

Donde el Guaton is open until 2 am on weekdays and until really late (or early, depending how you look at it) on weekends.

Today F. and I went but they were out of the huge bread to make the Guaton. I was really sad, but we ordered completos italianos (hot dogs with avocado, mayo and tomatoes) instead which also happen to be gigantic and only cost $1100 each.

I just realized that this post kind of sounds like they’re paying me to write it. But I swear they aren’t. It’s just that good.


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