>Where am I?

>Last night I freaked out. I think I’ve mentioned before that usually I have very vivid dreams. It’s a good sign that I’ve started to dream this way because it means I have finally settled in here and am getting good sleep. However, one of my dreams made me really panicky last night.

In my dream, I had gone back to the US after being in Chile for only 4 months. I was talking with lots of friends and family who were happy to see me when all of a sudden one friend asked, “Abby, why did you come back after only four months?” I realized that I couldn’t answer that question. Then I realized that I didn’t want to be back in the US yet. I started calling friends here in Chile and saying “I’m sorry I left so soon! I’m coming back. I didn’t mean to leave! I swear!”

Then I went and talked to my Mom and she handed me a bunch of Chilean money. She said “Here’s your rebate for coming home early.” Then I said, “But Mom, I want to go back! I didn’t mean to leave early.” But by that time the flights back to Chile were too expensive because apparently I only had the money my Mom had just given me which was around 7.000 pesos.

Then I woke up and I thought I was back at home. I jumped out of bed and looked around and realized I was still here. I was so relieved.

By the way, Kyle recently had a similar experience, although our sentiments were reversed.

On a completely different topic, has anyone noticed how they ALWAYS announce the station “Manuel Montt” on the metro? I don’t get it. It’s not a combination or anything. They almost never announce Pedro de Valdivia or Los Leones or Salvador, but without fail, every metro I’ve ridden on has announced Manuel Mont. I wonder if it’s some sort of metro driver’s code that we’ll never understand. Or maybe it’s just fun to say “Manuel Montt.”


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