>Working in pairs….UGH!!

>Anyone who knows me well knows that I don’t like to work in groups. I am pretty (very?) competitive by nature. When I’m working in a group I often have the urge just to do all the work for everyone, especially if it’s a project that is graded because I want to get a good grade. In sum, I am a brat when it comes to cooperation.

For me this usually just applies to “intellectual” activities. I’m not really like this when it comes to sports because I’m not athletic, so I know I have slim to little chance of winning any sort of game or contest involving running, balls, coordination, rackets or strength. However, when it comes to thinking, solving, writing, reading, planning, etc., I get really intense.

For example, one time F. and I were playing those games they have on Skype. We decided to do a puzzle together. It was supposed to be a cooperative activity. But I of course thought it was a contest and I won because I solved more pieces that him. Oops.

So now I’m struggling with this aspect of my personality in my TEFL class. Tomorrow we have teaching practice and we’re paired up with another TEFL student. We each have to give half of a lesson, or at least complimentary lessons that deal with the same grammar/lexis topic. The students we’re going to teach are intermediate, but my partner wanted to start out teaching the present simple. I thought that was a little too basic, so I suggested maybe a comparison between the past simple and past continuous. So we agreed on that much. I’m just worried that since she’s teaching first, that part of the lesson won’t be that good and then the students will be confused when it comes to my part. I’m horrible, aren’t I? I’m assuming the worst. I just wish that I could be in control of the whole lesson. When I work as an English teacher, very rarely (or never!) will I have to worry about teaching only half of a lesson. This is so silly.

I think I was absent the day in Kindergarten when they teach you how to cooperate.


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