>”Oye m’jita rica!”


First of all, sorry about not posting more frequently! My internet has been really spotty. But (hopefully) they’ll fix it soon.

It had to come sooner or later: a post about piropos.

For any of you not familiar, piropos are phrases yelled by men to women passing by on the street. Sometimes they are very poetic, and other times it’s just a whistle. I’ve heard that there are women who yell piropos at men, but I’ve never personally witnessed that. It is best just to ignore whoever yells a piropo at you because if you respond they’ll start bothering you even more. That being said, sometimes it’s really hard for me to keep a straight face.

When I studied abroad I was always convinced that all the piropos I got were because I was usually with my friend J, who is incredibly blonde and beautiful. When I was by myself I would get the occasional whistle or “oye princesa” but I never got as much attention as her.

So anyway, for the first few days I was here, I didn’t even think about piropos. I had totally forgotten about them. Then some taxi driver whistled at me and I started to remember. I kind of got offended. I mean I had already been here 4 days or so! Had I turned ugly?

Then on Friday I went to the centro where F. works and got off the Metro at Los Heroes. Right away some guy at the top of the stairs said “oye mi reina preciosa”. I almost gave him a hug. Then I was walking down the street and a taxi almost went off the road because the driver was ogling me and yelling something similar.

I guess I should hate piropos. I probably will start hating them soon. But for now, they gave me a (un?)healthy dose of self-confidence.


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