>And now I’m posting twice in one day!

>So here you have it blogosphere…it’s either feast or famine over here at Abby’s Line. To be fair, I wrote the post that I posted this morning yesterday, but the internet wasn’t working so I couldn’t technically post it.

Anyway, so here at my house, like in most houses/apartments here in Chile you can hear EVERYTHING the neighbors are saying. I used to get really confused because my neighbors have a son named Felipe who they also call Pipe (just like my host brother). I would hear this woman calling “Pipe!” and think it was my host mom calling my brother, so I would go to his room and say “Hey, Ita’s calling you, aren’t you going to respond?” and he would say, “No, silly, that’s the neighbors.”

So if we can hear everything the neighbors are doing, you can imagine how it is inside our own house. The new gringo exchange student arrived on Thursday and today he has been taking advantage of our good internet connection to catch up with family and friends at home. I’m really trying hard not to eavesdrop but I can hear his conversations as clear as a bell. It’s funny because he’s talking about my host family the same way I talked about them when I first arrived. For example, how Ita always cleans our room even if we have already cleaned it.

I purposefully haven’t really told him any of the “tricks to getting along with my host family” because I feel like he should have his own unique experience here. Although there have been times when I have had to bite my tongue in order not to say, for example, “You know, J., it’s a good idea that you wake up with an alarm in the morning because Ita really hates to have to drag you out of bed.” Maybe I should tell him…but I don’t want to lecture him either. He’s a smart kid. He’ll figure it out.

After a pretty busy weekend I’ve been enjoying just “flojeando” today (as they say here in Chile), which pretty much translates to “slacking off”. I woke up at 11:00, finished my report for my TEFL class, had a nice long lunch with the fam and then took a nap. Now I’m waiting to see if my internet connection is going to hold out to be able to call home.


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