>It’s all coming back to me…

>Before getting here, I was worried about my Spanish. I mean, not worried that I wouldn’t be able to communicate, but worried that people would notice that I was rusty. (Silly, I know.) In fact, the second day I was here I had to go put money on my Chilean cell phone. I procrastinated all day, first because it was super hot out, and second because I was nervous about having to speak Spanish to the lady at the pharmacy. I feel like every time I go there, despite the effort I make to roll the first “r” in “recargar” and pronounce everything well, they make me repeat myself thousands of times. That just makes me more nervous. Ugh. Anyway, so I went and she actually understood me the first time! It gave me a huge burst of confidence.

Early this week I went back to the pharmacy to get cough syrup. She (different lady) understood me again! Yay! And she even asked me to help this other gringo who was más perdido que la cresta (really lost).

Actually, now that I think about it, I have a theory. I mean, I understand that my gringo accent is very present (just ask F.). But seriously, I speak good Spanish. So I think that as people who work at pharmacies or restaurants (or anywhere where you have to ask for what you want, i.e. practically every store here) see a foreginer approach, they think “Oh, I’m going to have trouble understanding them.” Then they hear us speak and they don’t even try to understand…they just ask “Qué?” and look at us like we have five heads. Or, if they can’t I.D. us as foreigners from the way we look, they listen to the first word we say, think we’re foreign and forget to listen to the rest.

But I digress. The point is that my Spanish is coming back in DROVES. I found myself talking to a classmate today and using vocabulary that I didn’t even know I had! It was incredible. I’m also thinking in Spanish which actually makes this blog writing difficult because I keep writing little phrases in Spanish instead of English. The same thing is happening with this paper I have to write for my class.

Speaking of which, I must go finish that now!


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