>Random musings while I procrastinate

>After seven months of doing “nothing” I am NOT used to doing any kind of academic work. We have to write up a journal-thingy for Monday describing our French classes (yes, they’re teaching us French so that we know what it’s like to be a foreign language learner). I have been working on one part of it that should have taken me about half an hour to do since 6:30. It’s now 9:00.

I’m kind of hungry. The neighbors are having an asado (BBQ) and it smells delish. This is a rare occurrence that I’m ever hungry here because as I’ve blogged about before, my host mom loves to feed me. On Sunday as we were leaving the house for lunch, she told F. “Fill her up with food!” Her number one worry in life is whether I’ve had lunch or not. But now I feel awkward because I haven’t had once (the night time meal) yet and I’m not used to having to go ask her for food. Usually it is copiously awarded to me without even asking.

I am really trying to help out around the house. I feel awkward being waited on all the time and I honestly don’t mind washing dishes and making my bed. She is always telling me not to worry, to just leave it and she’ll do it later. Sometimes I give in, but lately I’ve been insisting that I can wash my own dishes or make my own breakfast. I try to get into the kitchen when she’s not there and quickly wash whatever is in the sink. Then she scolds me for being sneaky, but I think deep down she appreciates it.

Not much else to report Chile-wise. It’s still hot (in case you were wondering). This week will be pretty calm for me work wise, but the next weeks will be filled as I start having to plan lessons every other day! I’m kind of freaking out about that but I’m sure once I get some practice it will be a piece of cake.

Oh! I just started to smell bread toasting. That means it’s time for once.


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